Night Sky, Camp & The Dunes – Rajasthan

Camp with luxury in the desert wilderness and experience the Rajasthani Dunes in their natural settings. A perfect blend of the modern amenities and tribal living gives you an experience of Rajasthani Royalty and Nomadic life at the same time. Believe us when we say that the sun setting behind the dunes as the night sky unfolds, is a breathtaking view, as magical as the northern lights.

Referred to as the Golden city,Jaisalmer landscape makes you believe in the fables of the era gone by.With vast stretches of sand dunes, the place lets you experience desert camping.Located nearly 42 km from Jaisalmer, the Sam Sand Dunes reflect the true image of Rajasthan. Jaisalmer tour feels quite incomplete,if one does not include a desert safari to these golden dunes. Undeniably one of the most picturesque tourist spots in the Thar desert, the Sam Sand Dunes have gained tremendous tourist reputation over a period of time.The evenings are full of traditional folk music and dance with local cuisines. Relive your own version of an Arabian Night here.

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